Young and homeless in Bellingham.

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Of the 700+ people unsheltered on any given day in Bellingham, 23% are under 18; 13% between 16-24. More than 40% of youth report a mental health disability; less than 1% have been released from juvenile detention.

2016 Homeless Count Report

National picture of youth homelessness


How will the church be involved with Northwest Youth Services or future tenants?

This is a secular project. The church’s role is limited to providing fabulous, rent-free space to Northwest Youth Services, or, should the time come when they no longer need the space, another nonprofit serving our community with justice work. No religion, just space.


“We are keenly aware of the cost of housing, lack of affordable housing and the myriad of challenges our homeless and youth-at-risk face every day.

We see the strong need for a safe and supportive place for our vulnerable and susceptible younger generation to find safe haven and the wherewithal to assist in their on-going transition into the positive and productive foundation of our community.

This project will result in a positive and significant impact on our community.”

Colleen Baldwin
CEO and Owner, Whatcom Land Title