Message from Lead Pastor

When you called me to First Congregational in January 2015, I heard countless stories about how “we were ready” to dive deeply into a large, local mission project. Particularly, I remember sighs and longing, telling how in 2000 we’d set aside our unfinished basement with grand hopes, then took “so long” in discussing it that many wondered if anything would finally come to be.

When I first heard these desires, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for a congregation that yearned to use our building for the wider community. So many churches I’d known either didn’t have the resources (space) to serve their cities in such a way, or they were too anxious about the changes such a ministry would bring to ever agree on the what or the how. I wondered, as I said yes to the call to minister among you: would we really make this happen?

I no longer wonder. Spirit has called us to serve! And I give thanks that I get to be part of a church that listens carefully, wonders thoughtfully, works patiently, dreams compassionately, and is open to the Divine’s transforming dynamic. The Ground Floor is God’s work for us in this time and place, and I celebrate with you all that has and will go into it.

Thanks be to God!


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